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It is currently Leaf-Bare (Winter). There are already signs of snow. The lake the Clans share is frozen over with a thin layer of ice. Prey is beginning to get scarce. The Clans as well as the Tribes suffer a cold front with winds and threats of a blizzard. The northern parts, where Skyclan thrives, the temperature is much lower, and the wind is stronger. Herbs are disappearing under the sheets of snow and frost. The Twolegplace, however, is warm. Kittypets are snug with their owners. Loners and Rouges take shelter to escape the bitter cold. Bloodclan is in orderly condition.


Some of the clans still need Highranks!


Windclan Leader, Hailstar

Riverclan Leader, Birchstar

Shadowclan Leader is being reserved.

Skyclan Leader, Jaystar

Riverclan Med Cat, (custom name)

Shadowclan Med Cat, (custom name)

Bloodclan Leader, is being reserved.

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